At PilatesBodies each session is instructed specifically for the person or group assembled. All sessions are 45 minutes except where otherwise indicated.

Private Sessions

Private Pilates sessions are the most effective way to focus on your individual unique needs, injuries or chronic concerns. Use as an initial evaluation as well as periodic tune-ups or opportunities to further your personal fitness goals.

Private Session Rates

Evaluation Session$80Purchase
Single session$85Purchase
10 Sessions$750Purchase

Duet Sessions

Duet Session Rates

(price is per person)

Single session$45Purchase
10 Sessions$400Purchase

Group Mat Classes

Please note:  All Group Mat classes are currently offered virtually via Zoom.

The essence of all Pilates work, an aerobic series of floor work exercises designed to create uniform development; long, lean muscles; core strength and breath control. Limited to 7 participants.

Mat Class Rates

Single session$18Purchase
10 Sessions$150Purchase

I look forward to my Pilates Mat class every week. I not only get a great and fun workout but look forward to catching up with Alicia and my fellow classmates!
Dr. Lisa Robles

Group Apparatus Classes

Previous Pilates experience and permission are required prior to admittance in group classes.

At PilatesBodies, we don’t recommend beginning with group classes. We ask that you start with Private lessons so that we can best assess and inform you to give you a strong foundation to continue in the method. When we teach Pilates, we look at your alignment and areas of weakness as well as equipment use and safety and Traditional Pilates choreography and leveling. If your muscles are uniformly strong and you’re proficient with the apparatus use and exercises, you’re less prone to injury. Some people find personalized instruction so valuable that they continue with private lessons while others move to group classes where the responsibility starts to shift away from the teacher and on to the student.

Group apparatus classes are an opportunity to explore and “own” your individual Pilates program while receiving technical input from a shared instructor.
Limited to 4 participants.

Apparatus Class Rates

Single session$40Purchase
10 Sessions$350Purchase

Reformer Class

Joe Pilates created all the equipment to act as additional muscles to aid the body on its path to health—the Reformer accesses the weak or illusive areas of your body to uniformly build alignment, muscular balance, and aerobic, flowing movement. Limited to 4 participants.

Low Chair Class

The Chair’s unique and versatile design enables everyone to get amazing results. One will get an optimal workout challenging balance and core strength on this brilliant little piece of equipment. Limited to 4 participants.

Pole Class

Benefit from the support of spring tension to better develop resilient, powerful muscles; strong, smooth, decompressed joints; and potent core strength. Limited to 4 participants.

Take a Live, Virtual Class!

PilatesBodies is now using ZOOM!

Virtual Pilates sessions are the ideal way to stay healthy, keep an active Immune system, and experience all the other benefits without leaving your home or office.

Offering Privates, Duets, and Group Classes.
Perfect for a Pilates enthusiast who has their own equipment, a student who doesn’t have access to a studio or equipment, and Pilates teachers wishing to advance their practice with new insight.

We offer Private, Duet, and Group Classes as virtual options. Rates for virtual sessions are the same as for in-studio sessions. Contact us to book your session and specify the format of the session that want to take.


Prepaid Cards Expire after 6 months. Sorry, no refunds on prepaid cards.

Cancellation Policy:

  • If you need to cancel a scheduled appointment, you must notify PilatesBodies at least 24 hours in advance or you will be held responsible for payment in full.
  • All package rates must be pre-paid to receive a discount
  • Prices Do Not Include Tax. Checks, Credit Cards Accepted
  • Previous Pilates experience and permission are required prior to admittance in group classes.

Level Descriptions:

Intro: The level to begin building your foundation for successful understanding of your body and the Pilates method provides a gentle exploration of correct movement skills with particular emphasis on synthesizing breath control, abdominal support, and pelvic/spinal alignment.

Intro sessions are done privately.

Beginning: The basic Pilates exercise vocabulary in a well-rounded workout to train coordination, increased breath capacity, precise control, concentration and moving from your center.

Beginning/Intermediate: Now it’s time to learn new exercises as you grow more adept at performing the flowing Pilates movements with increased breath capacity, mental control, and your strengthening core.

Intermediate: Students experienced with the beginning Pilates exercises challenge themselves with more complicated skills, and more dynamic, flowing movements, all at a faster tempo.

Intermediate/Advanced: For students experienced and strong in their Pilates, who have well-trained pelvic and shoulder stability, oppositional energy, spinal articulation, and overall uniform development.

Advanced: A vigorous opportunity to explore the full sequence of Pilates exercises executed at tempo. Not for the faint of heart!!