Classical Pilates Training in Santa Fe

PilatesBodies Studio


The mission of PilatesBodies is two-fold: first to empower people to be in control of their own health and well-being so they can live happy, self-actualized lives; and second to help expand and direct the Pilates Method in Eldorado at Santa Fe, NM.

PilatesBodies is a fully equipped, with all traditional apparatus, Pilates Studio. Private lessons, Group Apparatus, Duets, and Mat Classes are offered. Additionally PilatesBodies now offers online lessons via ZOOM

“I started doing Pilates in town but was craving a more classical approach to it, like Joe taught. PilatesBodies was recommended to me and 16 years later I am still driving to El Dorado to have Alicia as my teacher! Small classes, great teacher and studio!”

Kathy Brennan

Alicia Gyetvai


I first encountered the word “Pilates” as a teen gymnast and ballet dancer in Denver, CO. A woman my mother knew named Maya who I had not yet met was described to me as having beautiful, long legs because of a special machine she exercised on called a reformer. That woman was Maya Aubrey, a protégé of both Eve Gentry and Michelle Larsson. It was not until 5 years later, a few years after I moved to Santa Fe, NM that Michelle Larsson happened to drop in to the modern dance class I regularly took. I had been having some knee strain and the dance teacher suggested I talk to Michelle, the then director of The Physical Mind Institute. Michelle was famously mentored by Eve Gentry who had passed just a few years before. She suggested I call Physical Mind. After my first lesson I was hooked. I was 22 and I didn’t really get Pilates but found the equipment amazing. I just knew it was smart and for me. About a year later I moved back to Denver to finish my college education.

Unsure of what I wanted to do for a career or work after graduating with a BA in Social Sciences from The University of Denver in 1999 and because of previous Pilates experience in Santa Fe I researched Pilates studios in the local phone book. The Pilates Center in Boulder had the only listing.

I was delighted to find out The Pilates Center had a teacher training program as well as being a private studio. TPC had a laid-out curriculum and standard requirements before they would allow someone to begin their training. The Pilates Center is confident in its perspective—they teach a very rigorous program that does not come from a place of fear. Their program is tough but incredibly nourishing and fulfilling. I was healed in so many ways by TPC’s training. I knew they cared and were willing to share as much as they knew with me—with everyone.

Beyond that, training with The Pilates Center helped develop personal skills, confidence, empathy, and an eye for body movement patterns. As I had come from the world of gymnastics and dance, I was quickly humbled to healthy movement with my studies at TPC. I had been a person who trained in extremes in both body and mind—I was nervous if I didn’t train enough and I would continue to train through injury for fear of losing ground. The Pilates Center offered me a healthy recalibration to a more neutralized concept of body and mind. Instead of being perfection and trick oriented it offered me appreciation and compassion for what each and every body NEEDS to achieve a skill. The simple perspective of “nature” conveyed that all layers of Pilates, including the very advanced, are healing. There is nothing missing in the classical repertoire and The Pilates Center offers a confident, nurturing environment to support that perspective.  It is this perspective and philosophy I carry to this day in my teaching and how I run the studio.

In addition to the TPC Advanced Program I completed in 2001, I completed their Masters Program in 2009 and became a host advisor to them in 2017. Further,  I have done extensive continuing education with Cara Reeser, Irene Dowd, and Michelle Larsson.

In 2023 I received my Persistent Pain Pilates Educator certification from the Embodied Business Insitutute.

I am ever intrigued by Pilates and still believe it to be the best life choice I’ve made. I am forever grateful for it and the people with who I get to spend my days.

“The solution to our present-day health ills lies in recognizing the fact that normal development of both the body and the mind is not possible by pitting the body against the mind, or vice versa. It is foolish to believe that one can perform effectively without working in concert with the other.”

Joseph H. Pilates

Pilates – Complete System of Movement


Utilizing highly specialized equipment, Pilates develops maximum muscle strength while Increasing flexibility. The combination of superior strength and enhanced range of motion allows for extremely efficient performance capabilities. Pilates re-patterns, realigns, clarifies, and defines the body. It frees the user from poor postural habits, helps heal chronic back pain and stiff neck, and eliminates tension, stress, and fatigue. In addition, the system promotes great circulation, creating an “internal cleansing” of the body.

The results achieved through the study of this unique system are unparalleled.

Users of Pilates gain intrinsic strength, breath control, and absolute precision of movement. Doctors, physical therapists, dancers, and athletes have long revered the method of Pilates as a healing and educational physical training system. Whether one wishes to gain a happy, healthy body, relieve an aching back or achieve maximum human potential, the Pilates Method is the best method there is.

“I encourage anyone with back problems, an athletic senior, serious about reducing age-related pain to enroll in private classes with Alicia Gyetvai.  She is fully focused on you and your body and will guide you with no injuries to a healthy life.”

Elizabeth Foree