Work with a Host Advisor and Graduate affiliated with The Pilates Center, Boulder CO, teaching teachers since 1990 and world renowned for our quality and high standards. Gain valuable, applicable knowledge, be guided in your teaching, and supported through the entire process by a graduate of The Pilates Center’s Advanced or Bridge Teacher Training Programs.

Working with The Pilates Center and your TPC Host Advisor, Alicia Gyetvai, supports you in countless ways throughout your Program. It assists you in the following requirements: observing an experienced TPC graduate teaching traditional, classical Pilates to all types of clients; getting answers to your questions; practice teaching with a Host Advisor guiding and fostering your technique and understanding; and taking lessons from them in the material you are learning online. All this together provides the essential information, skills and practice you need to make you a great Pilates teacher!

Traditional, classical Pilates transforms one’s life! Both yours and your clients’! Joseph Pilates’ teachings, passed down directly through his 1st generation teachers and his writings and films, are the foundation for The Pilates Center’s renowned Teacher Training Programs. Our thirty-year tested curriculum will assure you of a rich and comprehensive course of study; and aided by your TPC Host Advisor Alicia Gyetvai, in Santa Fe at PilatesBodies, you will get the hands–on, real world knowledge and experience necessary to become a great teacher, and to enjoy a wonderful and satisfying professional career.

Join The Pilates Center, Boulder, CO and Host Advisor, Alicia Gyetvai in Santa Fe at PilatesBodies in our mission to heal the world through the amazing power of traditional, classical Pilates as taught by Joseph Pilates himself!

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